We've Seen Unqualified Plumbers Unknowingly Allow Waste Water To Mix With And Contaminate Drinking Water.

"Bad plumbing can result in extra cost and hassle for customers who have to fix faulty repairs or improperly installed toilets and other fixtures," said L&I Contractor Compliance Chief Dean Simpson. "And there are possible health effects, too. "We've seen unqualified plumbers unknowingly allow waste water to mix with and contaminate drinking water. In other cases, improperly installed drains or venting systems have resulted in noxious sewer gases seeping into houses. No one wants that." Homeowner policies might not cover damage caused by an uncertified plumber. L&I just kicked off a TV and online ad campaign encouraging consumers to hire certified plumbers. The lighthearted video spot features the voices of frustrated customers leaving phone messages for an uncertified, "Fly-By-Nite" plumber who botched their plumbing projects and appears to be vacationing in Hawaii. Many people are unaware that plumbers have to be certified in our state, and don't know how to check whether an individual plumber is properly licensed. Certification requires years of on-the-job training To become a journey level plumber in Washington, applicants must have four years of classroom and on-the-job training before they can even take the certification exam.

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